Many organisations qualify for grants/funds, but unfortunately, not everyone or every organisation succeeds.  

Our professional Bid Writing/Review Service will write and review your draft application and provide professional input and advice on how best to put your case forward for funding, substantially increasing the chances of success of your application. Our team of consultants have years of experience in producing successful funding applications.

Our core team of Fundraising Consultants is made up entirely of experienced bid writers, all of whom have individually secured significant funding through bid writing and bid review. Our wide-reaching specialised skills and history allow us to produce top quality applications, whilst offering excellent value for money.

We have managed to secure thousands if not millions for our clients from funding bids to sources including:

  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Local Authorities and national Government
  • European Union Social Fund

We help:

  • Non-profit Organizations with a Charitable Status qualify for Grants, European, National Government and Local Grants/Funds.
  • For profit businesses (corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietors) may qualify for Government Grants depending on the specifications of the Notice of Funding Announcement.
  • Individuals such as artists, educators, researchers, and health professionals may qualify for a small number of grants depending on the specifications.  Other individuals may qualify for national or local grants; many of these grants are administered by National and Local Governments.

What services are provided?

We provide the following services to businesses:

  • Researching Grant/Fund Opportunities
  • Program Development
  • Proposal Writing for organisations and SME’s including the Budget and Budget Narrative
  • Preparing Applications Grants/Fund including the Budget and Budget Narrative
  • Reviewing a Proposal, Application, Narrative, or Budget that you have already written
  • Preparing a Business Plan
  • Analysis of your Organization for Competitiveness

How do we get compensated?

When we contact you by phone you will be quoted a project price, similar to other professions.  As a new client, you may be asked to make a down payment, progress payment, or to pay in full.

It is unethical for a Grant Writer to accept compensation that is a percentage of your grant funds.  It is also unethical for compensation to be contingent upon receipt of grant funds.