The United Euro Bridge

  • Who are we:

    The United Euro Bridge is an award-winning voluntary organisation offering clear progression to job-seekers, graduates and focus on career success, also providing services to business offering a unique support like: Searching and selecting funding opportunities for your organisation and supporting you in the bid writing. With 21 years of leadership experience in education and training, 15 years in private sector and 9 years of working with government agencies and ministries around the world we can offer High Class Training/Services – let us help you to achieve your aspirations!
  • What we stands for:

    Enriching people working lives! Equal Opportunity in the job! Bringing people together from all walks of life! Celebrate equality and diversity in the Working World! Actively encourage good practice! TUEB is planning a cultural approach to inspire, engage and support the Wider European and non EU community to overcome social exclusion and provide personal opportunities for everybody. The longer-term aim of the projects is to develop a model for replication for similar community provision projects that create opportunities for all!
  • TUEB's staff:

    Our People specialised to support Businesses: Individually and collectively, we are highly committed to The United Euro Bridge mission of facilitating individual and organisational change. We consistently receive the highest praise for the quality of or work and maintain our excellent standards by continually investing in our own learning and development. Our People specialised to support students and trainees: TUEB Staff search and select the best available to offer exciting work experience placements in many areas. Every placement has a role profile, which tells you more about the work you can expect to be doing and what skills and qualities you will need to show during your placement.


  • This was the best job experience I had. Nice food and wonderful scenery.
    Emily Davey
  • Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is an NGO in Greece, where Anastasia Miliou and her husband, Thodoris Tsimpidis, work for the protection of wildlife and the environment. Some tasks include raising awareness online (via facebook and Archipelagos' website), biodiversity research and public outreach. I worked as a project coordinator, organizing the various work of the teams.
    Argyrios Choimes, Project Coordinator
  • Since arriving in Ikaria I have produced various drawings and paintings for Archipelagos. I started doing a series of three sea turtles.
    Katie Steel
  • “I’ve been out here for almost a month now and it is been an enjoyable experience. It has also been a fantastic opportunity to practise my teamwork, communication, research and organisation skills. It has allowed me to obtain a closer view for the inner-workings of an NGO and should hopefully put me in good stead for employment in the future”
    Ben Harvey
  • I am thoroughly enjoying my intern-ship with Friends of the Earth Europe in Brussels. I am fully integrated into the organisation and feel like a respected and responsible member of the team. My skills have been put to their best use and I am constantly learning how large organisations function, environmental issues at the European level and about the importance of the EU institutions.
    Sam Fleet
  • During the time I’ve spent at “Associazione Illustratori”, I’ve had the opportunity to get in touch and work with a lot of people who guided me and let me discover deeply the wide and diversified world of illustration.
    Ilaria Demonti, Press officer
  • I am rising up to the challenge of living in a new and diffrent culture; while learning the language, and developing as a person.  On the placement I am mostly doing Computer Aided Design (CAD) work, for a model and animated video of an ancient Greek ruin.
    Nicholas Page, Architectural Designer
  • My internship at Associazione Illustratori focused on the organization of the courses for illustrators. In this period I started to contact the teachers.
    Elena Di Palma, Internship at Associazione Illustratori