• Camilla has greatly assisted our team in researching news stories for our photographers and sending through assignment requests. She has also played a key role in mapping our calendar by finding upcoming events and helping us to plan coverage. She has obtained accreditation and provided assistance with ingesting news pictures for us to send to clients. In addition to the above she has also utilized social media to engage with prospective contributors globally. Camilla is another excellent example of the quality of interns that TUEB have supplied Associazione Illustratori. Each candidate has always started with an understanding of the company products and services which illustrates their determination to play a role in our day to day objectives. We have also found the candidates to be gregarious and enthusiastic to get a better understanding of Italian work culture by taking active participation in social events organised by the team and the company. We are excited to work with TUEB and look forward to being an outlet for more of their interns looking for opportunities to forge a career once their studies have finished.
    Paolo Mattei, CEO AI
  • We have worked with The United Euro Bridge for many years now. As our business has expanded their help and support in finding great candidates to join our team has been vital. Through their national network they have always found us quality personnel with specialist skills. The service is exemplary, every candidate placed with us has been a success and we have had genuine value for money each and every time. We can strongly recommend Lynne and her team to anyone, they are terrific.
    James Fry, Blue Frontier
  • Whilst completing my placement at Royal Society for the in Sweden, I have designed and completed an exercise program for several clients who attend the activity centre on Tuesday. I would like to thank everyone in the organisation for all the support over the 24 weeks I was there to make the placement as successful as possible. It a fabulous place to work with loads of friendly faces to help you out whenever you need a hand!!
    Charley Wang, Therapist
  • Going abroad is such a great experience-with the support of TUEB it will get even better. Especially all the meetings and Friday afternoon with lots of tapas available to taste during conversations. You always know that there is somebody to rely on and if there is any problem they will help you.
    Gerome Torbay
  • Because in the beginning I was not quite sure about my work placement TUEB showed me flexibility, availability and understanding to try new thing that actually was useful for me. Also TUEB was available to help me with needs regarding to living in Romania, and not just with my host family and internship.”
    Ann Arianda
  • The students we have employed have the desire to learn and improve further, and quickly assert themselves as strong team players. They are not fazed by hard work, both for their own gain and for the benefit of colleagues. We have been very impressed with the students from Sheffield  and they have made it clear they are happy to be part of the team.'
    Tray Callan, Cadbury
  • A placement is the ideal opportunity for students to develop their business, personal and technical skills, enhancing both their academic study and preparing them for a future career.
    Pat Dawn, Sony Computer Entertainment
  • I really liked the way you related the issues of the talk with stories which you almost acted out! It was interesting relating problems which you experience yourself to other people who have succeeded – it made it seem more achievable! I really enjoyed it, a really comfortable atmosphere was created and the group seemed to get on well. Thank you!
    Prue Livingston, Art Council
  • The course content was spot on. Just the right amount over the two days. Gone away with all the knowledge I was searching for before the course. Well balanced course, very useful.
    Graham Mahoney, Curriculum Leader VNA
  • A great introduction to all aspects of management. Topics were structured and organised in a way that knowledge was built up throughout the two days. Good coverage of a wide range of topics – very good for new or recently appointed managers.
    Paul Moss, Resource & Developments
  • I thought the Management Skills course was really excellent and thought provoking, and I learnt a lot. In particular, I think the trainer was excellent. She imparts knowledge, gets everyone involved and makes participants think and learn through this process. She also is obviously hugely knowledgeable in her field and has practical experience in what she discusses.
    Mark Russell, Concordia
  • Great course with a good balance between interactive tasks and lessons from the trainer, aided by useful and often amusing anecdotes.
    Roger Smith
  • Interesting concepts were introduced, I'm definitely going to change how I deal with different problems. I think it will stop me going down dead ends and hitting my head against a brick wall.
    Pat Morrison, Independent College
  • The course covered the key aspects of leadership but was made specific to the needs of the attendees. The trainer was able to give good examples to show and explain the subject.
    Michael Reed, WWF UK (World Wildlife Fund)
  • My staff have all come back from the day enthusing about both the course and the trainer. They certainly seem to have gained a lot from the day and are confident, motivated and excited about putting the skills they have learned into practice.  
    Frances Brown, University of Brighton
  • This was the best job experience I had. Nice food and wonderful scenery.
    Emily Davey
  • Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is an NGO in Greece, where Anastasia Miliou and her husband, Thodoris Tsimpidis, work for the protection of wildlife and the environment. Some tasks include raising awareness online (via facebook and Archipelagos' website), biodiversity research and public outreach. I worked as a project coordinator, organizing the various work of the teams.
    Argyrios Choimes, Project Coordinator
  • The United Euro Bridge have been our preferred supplier for work placements recruitment for over four years. We use TUEB mainly for graduates, and the team have always responded to our short-notice requirements with very capable and friendly staff.”
    Paul Crow, Local Estate Agent
  • Archipelagos, Institute of Marine and Environmenttal Research of the Aegean Sea, Ikaria, Greece "I am just enthusiastic for other students to have such an opportunity". Nicole Dodd says about her placement at Archipelagos: “I think I have sparked interest in many people here at Salford University. I have had an unofficial conversation with the head of school here and he was very interested in my project and the experience I had. So may be other students here (I am now doing my PhD back at the university) would love to take the opportunity. It would be good for them as they would have someone on hand for advice as I have done the placement myself. I was not advertising on your or Archipelagos' behalf (!). I am just enthusiastic for other students to have such an opportunity”.
    Nicole Dodd
  • It is this professional experience, along with the wonderful people I worked with, the amazing locals and the extraordinary natural beauty of the island of Ikaria which shaped this placement to be the best experience of my life. I could not thank Archipelagos and The United Euro Bridge enough for making this possible. “I am undertaking a placement in Archipelagos, Ikaria, Greece. I have now been here for 7 weeks. I started with cooperation with the Greek navy, writing reports on the negative impacts of military sonars on marine mammals. I am now working on my main project, which consists in implementing ecological infrastructures on Kallisti Ferries, a company that travels between Athens and the East Aegean islands. I am mainly concentrating on the implementation of renewable energy sources, as well as waste management strategies. The job consists in interviewing engineers and technicians on board of the ferries, collecting data, estimating the feasibility of implementation, establishing networks of people and companies which could sell and install the necessary infrastructures. It also involves a lot of research on the developments of new technologies and the present large scale implementations in the world, as well as plenty of financial studies to estimate the cost effectiveness of the possible operations”. “I had the chance to sail on Archipelagos’ new boat Nireas for 5 days. We sailed around the island of Ikaria and then to Samos and back for the purpose of marine mammal research (as well as going to a conference in Samos). We saw some bottlenose dolphins, including a juvenile. This was a breathtaking experience which taught me a lot about life on a boat, sailing, and marine mammal observation. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. It is this professional experience, along with the wonderful people I worked with, the amazing locals and the extraordinary natural beauty of the island of Ikaria which shaped this placement to be the best experience of my life. I could not thank Archipelagos and The United Euro Bridge enough for making this possible”.
    Milan Delor
  • I came out to Ikaria on the 15th of March and shortly afterwards I started working for the Terrestrial Team at Archipelagos IMERAS.  I am currently working within the Ranti Forest studying forest ecology.  I have been looking at dendrological methods of aging the dominant Quercus ilex L. trees and general forest survey techniques.  The team here is very helpful and I believe I am learning a lot. The island of Ikaria itself is very beautiful and very undeveloped.  This lack of development makes it ideal for studying conservation and ecology.  The largest village to us is Christos, which is a forty minute walk away, and this village offers shops and a few bars and tavernas for late night drinking and eating.  The beaches are also very beautiful and the weather is now hot enough to go on a regular basis. I am currently enjoying my placement and looking forward to going back out to the forest tomorrow to do some more surveys.
    Amy Traylet
  • Since arriving in Ikaria I have produced various drawings and paintings for Archipelagos. I started doing a series of three sea turtles.
    Katie Steel
  • “I’ve been out here for almost a month now and it is been an enjoyable experience. It has also been a fantastic opportunity to practise my teamwork, communication, research and organisation skills. It has allowed me to obtain a closer view for the inner-workings of an NGO and should hopefully put me in good stead for employment in the future”
    Ben Harvey
  • Ikaria and Samos (Greek islands in the Aegean Sea) I graduated from Portsmouth University in July 2008 with a BA Honours degree in Graphic Design. After traveling for several months I wanted to focus on my career and building up my work experience on my CV. I began my work placement on April 22nd 2009 and so far it has fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations. I have been working for an environmental protection company called Archipelagos between two islands Ikaria and Samos in the Aegean Sea for almost a month now and am really enjoying the challenging work projects that I am being given to tackle. My first brief was to produce an informational poster for the island of Samos to make people aware that there are in-fact mediterranean chameleons inhabiting the island and to warn people of the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ should they come into contact with one.
    Millie Davis
  • All is well. The island is beautiful and very green, and there are great views from the base. Since I've arrived at Archipelagos I have been doing a variety of work, including flower collecting for the herbarium, forest surveys, and writing bird descriptions for a new on-line database, covering behaviour, breeding, migration, diet, distribution, habitat, and conservation status of birds native to Greece. One day we went with a tv crew who were doing a small documentary on Ranti forest. I'm also involved in a project on biodegradable plastic bags and another with holm oak seedlings. On weekends when the weather is nice I walk down a lovely mountain path to the beach. In the evenings I often go for a walk on the mountain dirt tracks. The other volunteers and the staff are friendly and I am happy to be here!
  • I am currently working as a Marine Scientist for Archipelagos Institute of Marine and Environmental Science, on the Greek island of Samos.  My major assignment is reviewing literature on coralligenous assemblages to write a proposal for their mapping in the Aegean Sea.  I have recently completed a 10,000 word literature review focusing on mapping methodologies, environmental factors affecting their distribution and anthropogenic actions detrimental to the assemblages.  The aim of the mapping is to produce cartographical data, so that the EU legislation, preventing trawling over these habitats, can be enforced.  Archipelagos also hope to increase the protection status of coralligenous assemblages to that of Posidonia seagrass beds. I have used my contacts from my work with Blue Ventures in Madagascar to help establish links between Archipelagos and the international SeagrassNet organization, in the hope of establishing a seagrass monitoring network throughout the Mediterranean. I have produced the text for a new page for their website on coralligenous assemblages, as well as helped to create an environmental awareness poster. Another assignment I set myself was to write a JavaScript practise species identification test, which I have now completed.  In addition, I have spent a week helping a Masters student collect data for her dissertation, by performing fish surveys over different substrates. I believe I am gaining a lot of experience by working with Archipelagos.  I have the opportunity and freedom to think of my own ideas and projects, and most importantly, to implement them.  I am hoping to start snorkeling surveys in other areas of the island to see the impact of freshwater run off on fish populations.  As part of my training I learnt over 350 species of invertebrates, fish and algae, and hence have increased my knowledge base.  By working alongside other scientists, I am learning about a variety of different projects, including the effects of desalinization on Posidonia seagrass beds.
    Nikkita Lawton
  • I’m getting on very well at Archipelagos and everything is running well. I am a very busy man to say the least! My main focus is on microscopic plastic contamination in beach sediments. I have received sediments samples from various parts of the Aegean, analysed the data and have some good results. The project results have received lots of attention from locals and the areas from which the samples were sent.  Two newspaper articles have been printed in regards to the data from Ikaria, Samos and the Attika peninsula. I am currently analysing more samples and hope to produce a paper in several weeks that will contain data for a large part of the Aegean. Publishing the paper is my final hope for the project. Other Activities/Projects Assisting the terrestrial team in locating chameleons. This includes night surveys and photography. In charge of diving/snorkelling equipment – maintenance, storage and recording use Collecting preliminary data for new marine surveying sites. This involves recording the biodiversity (in which fish species are my focus).
    Richard Standerwick
  • I am thoroughly enjoying my intern-ship with Friends of the Earth Europe in Brussels. I am fully integrated into the organisation and feel like a respected and responsible member of the team. My skills have been put to their best use and I am constantly learning how large organisations function, environmental issues at the European level and about the importance of the EU institutions.
    Sam Fleet
  • Work has got underway with the mapping of Posidonia oceanica beds of the southern bay of Samos Island. Posidonia oceanica, which is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, supports over 1000 fauna species and 300 flora species. Its slow growth rate means that once destroyed, Posidonia beds can take many decades to recover and the loss of these important habitats has direct negative impacts for the functioning of surrounding habitats, species and the commercial value of local fisheries. Healthy Posidoniabeds are crucial to the functioning of the marine environment and therefore have great conservation and socio-economic value. A “dropdown” camera system is being used to generate images of the Posidonia bed at each sampling station. This system sends video images of the sea floor back to our boat “Niraeus”. In addition to these images a depth sensor and GPS provides information on the exact location of Posidonia beds. The conservation status of Posidonia beds will be determined using a set of synthetic ecological indices calculated in the lab from captured footage. Other activities Write article on Basking sharks for blog, update website blog. Undertaking Underwater Visual Census surveys of Fish, Invertebrates and Algae. (this has require allot of snorkelling time) Writing up species directory, all key information including conservation status and other interesting features such as invasive nature. Writing up methods for the chemical analysis of organic contaminates and metal contaminants in cetaceans.
    Adrian Archipelago
  • Everything is fine here in Cyprus thank you the 4 weeks has certainly gone very quickly. What we have been doing so far is to familiarise ourselves with the campaigns that are being run, and to look at the ones that were carried out last year, this has helped us to understand how things are run and undertaken. What Kathryn and me are working on at the moment is a campaign focusing on the proposed development of 14 new golf courses on the island, we have been finding articles in support of not allowing the plans to continue we went to a demonstration in Nicosia last week regarding this. Thanks  Ross
    Ross Cyprus
  • "I have learnt a great deal about the political world of Brussels and functioning of the European institutions, as well as practising my communication, research, organisational and other skills." I have now been working as an intern at the European Coalition for Corporate Justice/Friends of the Earth Europe for nearly four months and am learning a great deal whilst enjoying myself immensely! ECCJ is a coalition of NGOs working on CSR and corporate accountability issues and aims in particular to lobby the European institutions to improve legislation surrounding corporate behaviour and thereby prevent the negative impacts that European companies too often have on human rights and the environment. Since my arrival I have been involved with monitoring political developments, drafting documents for the campaign and organising a variety of events, including a round table debate on the financial crisis and the ECCJ’s upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting, as well as more administrative work. I have also had the opportunity to meet MEPs and policymakers and to attend events at the European Parliament and the Commission. I have learnt a great deal about the political world of Brussels and functioning of the European institutions, as well as practising my communication, research, organisational and other skills. Outside work, I have settled in well in Brussels. Initially it was challenging to be in a new place and to know virtually no-one, but I was soon able to secure a room in a shared house with six other young people, all of whom I get on very well with. I have got to know the city and have also taken the opportunity to explore other parts of Belgium at weekends. I have also been taking French classes at the local community centre since the start of the new term in January and hope to have a good standard of French by the time I leave Brussels. Altogether, my time in Brussels has been a very positive experience so far and I look forward to the remaining two months!
    Catherine Yeldham
  • MSBarcelona, Barcelona, Spain “Acquiring and improving skills and knowledge in the fields of business administration and marketing. The project provided work experience whereby I could apply my academic competencies in the concrete situation of a company environment. My time in Spain, particularly Barcelona, enriched my work experience by providing a culturally diverse context and the opportunity to practice a new language (Spanish), both of which will add value to my career prospectso. Thanks to TUEB I had an amazing experience”.
    Ilker Beyaz
  • Geographic Information Assistant, Municipia, Lisbon, Portugal The placement has provided interesting work, whilst the people have been very welcoming. "I've only been in Lisbon for a short period of time, but have really enjoyed the experience so far. The placement has provided interesting work, whilst the people have been very welcoming. Showing me the around the region and helping me to develop my Portuguese. I will tell other people at my return how all of this has made a difference in my life".
    Thomas Kennedy
  • VIDEO CONTENT PRODUCERS “My first experiences from living abroad has allowed me to appreciate a different culture and way of living, I have learnt so much in the last six months about myself as an individual and how to handle myself around others. I can definitely appreciate becoming a lot more confident and individually dependent in another country.Here is what I have produced for the company,http://www.chiosonline.gr/chios-videos.asp  ”.
    Karina Salomon and Deborah White
  • VISIT TO SOUTH ITALY "I am rising up to the challenge of living in a new and diffrent culture; while learning the language, and developing as a person.  On the placement I am mostly doing Computer Aided Design (CAD) work, for a model and animated video of an ancient Greek ruin.  We have made a visit, to film, photograph, and analyse this site in Southern Italy; this has been the main highlight of the placement so far."
    Nicholas Page
  • “Life in a small Italian town is very different from a British city. There are good points, the two hours lunches and the food, and bad points, like running out of milk at 7.30 and realising you're stuffed until the next morning. The work is good; I've been assigned a project that involves interviewing people all over the world and writing about their educational experiences, which is certainly the most meaningful work I've ever done”.
    Christopher Morphy-Godber, International Communications Officer
  • During the time I’ve spent at “Associazione Illustratori”, I’ve had the opportunity to get in touch and work with a lot of people who guided me and let me discover deeply the wide and diversified world of illustration.
    Ilaria Demonti, Press officer
  • I am rising up to the challenge of living in a new and diffrent culture; while learning the language, and developing as a person.  On the placement I am mostly doing Computer Aided Design (CAD) work, for a model and animated video of an ancient Greek ruin.
    Nicholas Page, Architectural Designer
  • My internship at Associazione Illustratori focused on the organization of the courses for illustrators. In this period I started to contact the teachers.
    Elena Di Palma, Internship at Associazione Illustratori